Paper Preparation

    1) The paper must be typed in the format with font size as defined in the template, which can be downloaded here >>click here to download the template<<

    2) Article may be in Thai or English, and its length should be 10-15 pages of Template.

    3) Authors are required to provide clear information about Author’s name, institution or office, and e-mail.

    4) Abstract should be 100-200 words in length with 4-5 words of Keyword. Thai Abstract must also have English version attached.

    5) Content should be divided into 2 columns;

        a. Research article should include Introduction, Objectives, Assumptions (if any), Benefits from the research, Research methodology, Conclusion, Recommendation, Acknowledgement (if any), and References.
        b. Academic article should include Introduction, Conclusion, Recommendation, References.

        List of references in Thai and English must be separated (sorted in alphabetical order) in accordance to the defined format.

        Remark: Tables and illustrations can be attached with the content in separated column.

    6) The paper can be submitted online via the website. Then the Editorial Board will present it to paper reviewers of each subject area for quality assessment before the appropriate response.

    7) After the article is assessed by the paper reviewers and if there is need for revision or correction, the author must complete it as scheduled.

    Remark: APHEIT Journal is the journal of quality, which is included in the TCI’s database and in the list of journals announced from Office of National Education Standards and Quality Assurance.

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