Journal of the Association of Private Higher Education Institutions of Thailand

(APHEIT Journal)

          APHEIT Journal’s objective is to be the center for the dissemination of knowledge relating to academic achievements, researches, academic publications presented by faculties or academic professionals in the Higher Education institutions. This is also a forum where ideas, knowledge, new technology associated with academic achievements and researches in various fields can be exchanged.

          The Editors of APHEIT Journal are pleased to invite all faculties and academic professionals to submit the papers in order to be published and present to the public. The paper can be submitted online at the website of APEHIT Journal. We sincerely hope that the faculties, academic professionals as well as all the readers will benefit from academic researches published in the Journal. We would welcome with appreciation of all the advices and suggestions, which can lead to the quality improvement of the journal Asst.

Prof. Dr. Wirat Lertpaitoonphan